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Shir Shir Ethiopia

Shir Shir Ethiopia established in 2000EC(2007 GC) by producing different kinds of bags, purses coats, jackets and leather accessories.

Since then Shir-Shir Ethiopia has become one of a leader in producing leather products from producing to a small number of customers it grow up to export to Japan market in a short time. Now the market has expanded to Europe with a first destination in Sweden and it will expand to rest of the continent and other parts of the world

Shir Shir Coats

Shir Shir Ethiopia Vision , Mission and Value

Vision - To be able produce a more modern, simple and affordable leathr products.

Mission - To expose the Ethiopian leather potential to the world.

Value - Working and growing together for a better humanity in a sustainable enviroment .

Respect Everyone Trade Fairly Be consious for the Environment Appreciate Creativity and innovation Think Mutual

Corporate Features

Shir Shir Ethiopia , for its specialized handmade leather products uses sheep and Ox skins sourced 100% locally. Producs - Leather Coats, Shorts,Jackets, Briefcase and Traveling Bag

Shir Shir Ethiopia Leather Products